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Honor and Ethics Council

The Honor & Ethics Council is the central deliberative body in the student judicial system. Its hearing panels are responsible for adjudicating all honor and conduct cases that are not heard administratively. The Honor Code concerns itself primarily with the academic integrity of the institution and its students. Conduct cases implicate violations of the University’s standards of community responsibility.

The members of the Honor & Ethics Council for the 2013-2014 academic year:


Dr. Adrian Bardon

Dr. Greg Cook

Dr. Margaret Ewalt

Dr. Steven Giles

Dr. Louie Goldstein

Dr. Marina Krcmar

Dr. Sue Rupp

Dr. Fred Salsbury

Dr. Jarrod Whitaker


Taylor Anne Adams

Blake Bomier

Matthew Chafin

Angelique Ciliberti

Kevin Cirronella

Julian Gilyard

Allie Sakowicz

Jillian Sexton

Brian Shaw

Natalie Solomon