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Board of Investigators and Advisors

The Board of Investigators & Advisors was established and is maintained to provide accused students with qualified and knowledgeable representatives and to provide the Honor & Ethics Council with a full knowledge of the facts and context of the case. The over-arching principle binding advisors and investigators to the judicial system is the search for truth, which must be undertaken in a spirit of cooperation and sharing of information.

The members of the Board of Investigators & Advisors for the 2013-2014 academic year:


William Booth

Andrea Burnette – Co-Chair for Spring

Seth Collie – Co-Chair for Fall

Blake Harrison

Mary Allyn Johnson

Rick Joslyn - Co-Chair for Fall

Sonia Kuguru

Jonathan McCarthy

Alex Mole

Joey Nelson

Kim Paiz – Co-Chair for Spring

Hannah Rudder

Kristin Smith

Alex Stanley

Matthew Teller